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The sequel to Aspect Star, and an homage to the classic NES era, Aspect Star 2 describes the quest of Nicole, a young hero, to save her girlfriend, absolute ruler of the Empire Princess Mary, from the evil Dark Lady. Featuring nine dungeons of constant action and puzzles as well as a large overworld with towns and caves to explore and hidden secrets throughout.

Aspect Star 2 is a game programmed by Nicole Branagan with music by Visager and Azureflux, used under license. It is released subject to the Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution license; with music subject to CC4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. See readme.txt for details.


Aspect Star 2 for Windows 48 MB
Aspect Star 2 for Windows; no music included 3 MB
Aspect Star 2 for Mono (Linux/OS X) 50 MB
Aspect Star 2 for Mono (Linux/OS X); no music included 2 MB

Install instructions

Aspect Star 2 v1.00 requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5. No installation is required; simply unzip and open the aspectstar2.exe executable.

Linux, OS X
Aspect Star 2 v1.05 requires the Mono runtime. After extracting the archive to the folder of your choice, launch the program by using the command mono aspectstar2.exe. (If you previously downloaded Aspect Star 2 v1.01, please update to the newest version)

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